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Mobile DJ hire. Simplified.

Professional, stress free service from first contact to last song. I will be with you every step of the way in planning the musical theming and technical production of your party, wedding or event. I'll guarantee my production is on point. Every. Single. Time.

Because every special event has a soundtrack.

Great entertainment is the foundation of any memorable event - don’t leave it up to chance. With 9+ years experience I can assure you that each and every crowd has a unique flavour. The need to discover that flavour through attentive crowd reading and musical experimentation each night has kept my passion for DJing alive and more importantly, it’s kept that dance floor packed.

Superb Sound. Bedazzling lights.

Great music only sounds as good as the system it's playing on. I use only state-of-the-art Electrovoice and Sennheiser audio equipment for a rich sound that even audiophiles will appreciate. Every dance floor needs fun lighting. My standard setup includes a tasteful combination of moving heads & colourful washes - guaranteed to keep things groovy while remaining minimal and elegant. Want to go the extra mile? Check out my add-on special FX & lighting packages available.


Simple & transparent pricing. $800 - fully inclusive. Face to face & online planning. Up to 6 hours of performance. Top of the range audiovisual equipment and countless hours of preparation.


Let's make it happen.